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The Ether

1993 / wine bottle, corks, iron / 1×2×2 m

The Ether

On a huge red wine rack, there are bottles filled with "ether."
There are 100 bottles on one side, and the same for the other.
Each bottle on one side corresponds to the one on the other side.
A pair of bottles has the same transparent sticker on which printed an individual's birth year, his/her smiling picture, and a line that reads "made by cosmo."

Every human being has his/her parallel world at the same time as he/she lives in the current world.
In our thinking, anything could go anywhere, and we can also beam our thoughts to the universe and even to another dimensional world.
When we are asleep, we might travel through a warp hole to another world.
Why do we exist in this world carrying a pair of body suits called "human being"?

That is to learn, and to engrave what we have learned in our souls, for not to forget.
That is, we need to ferment our souls like we do for wine.
Our souls can travel beyond time and space.
Having waited for ages, they gain the time for learning when they receive their own houses called "human being."

That is the only time when a soul can grow and absorb learning.
That is, the soul is laid on a wine rack and brought to higher quality like a bottle of wine.

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