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Place Where an Angel Comes Down

2005 / glass, marble, crystal, stainless,steel, iron / 7×7×2 m

Place Where an Angel Comes Down

This artwork is a representation of Confucius theory, the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water).

Crystal is placed on the top of each pyramid, which is made by colored glass. The sunlight goes into the crystal first, passes through the colored glass pyramid next,
and then hits a T shaped steel pipe, which is placed inside of the marble pillar.
Led by a copper wire, a part of the sunlight goes to the underground, and the other, by a reflecting board, comes out from the glass windows, placed on the side of the pillar.

The light comes out from the glass windows that are angled to the middle of the artwork, and reaches the pentagonal floor in the middle.
At the center of the pentagonal floor, there is a round, tempered glass for us to sit on.
As we sit, the light will hit beneath naval point, which is one of "elixir points (important focal points)" for Chinese internal meditative techniques.

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