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Labyrinth of the City

1994 / model glass, steel,colored woods / 50×50 cm

Labyrinth of the City

Living in a city is like walking in a labyrinth.
Before the entrance, we can see the exit and even a tree over the exit, but once we are in the labyrinth, we are surrounded by walls.
As we look up, there is a rectangular blue sky cut out by the labyrinth walls.

Sometimes we can see a part of the tree at the exit in the rectangular sky, and gradually regains the sense for right direction to the exit.

So, let's walk with our faces up!
The exit is located on the straight line from the entrance, but blocked by several walls of glasses.
The walls designed with the various colors of empty cans may appear as the ruins of the dehumanized city.

We can push mirrored doors in the labyrinth to move into the other side but can never come back, for there is no door knob to pull the doors.
The reflection of ourselves in the mirror is surrounded entirely by the walls.

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