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The EVA... Descend

2008 / heart beat sensor, GFRP, iron, audio equipment / 3.6×3.6×4.0 m

The EVA... Descend

Ride in the head of Evangelion Unit 01.
We all excuse when we want to run away, "I am not strong enough; I can't do it."
If you can control a giant robot as you wish in the cockpit, you could do anything.
Everyone would certainly think that you are a powerful man.
When you sit in the cockpit and close the Eva, however, the huge, orange eyes of Eva will stare at you, who are now shut in the pitch-black and have nowhere to escape.

Then you start hearing your own heartbeat...

The Eva speaks to you like one of the Angels, speaks to the deep bottom of your hidden thoughts.
A conversation with yourself: a conversation only those who want to ride in the Eva can have.

"Don't run away"

The Eva, synchronized with you, began to move.

copyright khara inc.

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