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For Sale Parts of My Life!

1992 (The study of school days) / refrigerator, polyester, iron / 1.5×2.0×1.8 m

For Sale Parts of My Life!

I will cut off my life and sell parts of it.
*Note: please play with them as you wish.The skeletons inside of the fridge are all somewhat distorted, though they are from the same mold. Since they are made with polyurethane, they are unexpectedly soft and have weird texture that reminds us of human flesh.

Next to the fridge posted a note saying, "Please play with them as you wish."Having graduated from schools, all rookies are alike. Whether they could get a job they like or ended on one they never imagined, there is a client at the work.

You work now as they like you to do, but one day you build up your career and a client come with a huge project, asking you to do "whatever you like to do!"

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