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©Liku M. Takahashi


What's the meaningof realization?

2010 / マリス技法(砂   アクリル絵の具   メディウム)) / M30 60×90(cm)

2010  / Maris ( sand, acrylic paint, zinc plate) / M30 60×90(cm)

 「Don't think. Feel. (考えるな。感じろ。)」







What 's the meaning of knowing,understanding and realization?

The meaning of them are different to each person.

If you think about "what's you don't realize?"

You can get the answer easier.Even understanding it is one thing in our life.

Therefore it has worth and hope that the existence,

we have huge things what we don't know.


Rainbow series

July of 2009, Liku M. Takahashi painted the original pieces(acrylic).

One of them was shown at her own exhibition in New York.

And in September the paintings were changed into Maris format.

She is going to donate works to major Braille libraries in the world.

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