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©Liku M. Takahashi

天動説 -がんばれ日本-


2008 GFRP 鉄 心音計 400W ベースアンプ他 音響機材 2.5 × 3.5 × 1.8(m)

2008 / heart beat sensor, gfp, iron,audio equipment / 2.5×3.5×1.8(m)


 FRP でできた赤い球体の表面には数千の穴があいています。鑑賞者が球の中に入ると、足元から頭上、背中までぐるりと小さな穴から外光が取り込まれます。点在するまばゆい星々に囲まれ、ある種の浮遊感を体感できる仕様です。


 中央の白いイスのうしろには、400W のスピーカーが配置されており、座って備え付けられた心音計のクリップを耳にはさむと、ドクンドクンと自身の心臓の脈打つリズムが、背後の巨大スピーカーから、赤い球体はもちろんギャラリー全体に重低音で響き渡ります。





The red sphere is a planet as well as your own self.

When you enter the planet, you will be surrounded by a number of stars.

Then, your heartbeat will shake the planet, which leads to the floor, the ceiling, and the wall of the gallery, and to the building itself.


Everything that exists in this universe does exist to me only because I exist in the universe.


I think; therefore, I am. That is Geocentricism.


There are thousands of holes made on the surface of the red, FRP-made sphere. Inside the sphere,

you will be surrounded entirely with the bright lights coming through the tiny holes.


You might feel as if you were floating in space.Behind the white chair in the middle, there is 400W speaker placed. When someone sits on the chair and attaches clips of PCG to his/her ears,


the rhythm of his/her heartbeat comes out from the giant speaker, and echoes in the heavy, low pitch, inside of the sphere and the entire gallery.

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