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©Liku M. Takahashi


2007 ガラス 光ファイバー 花 水晶球 3.0 × 2.3 × 0.3(m)

2007 / glass, fiber optic, flower, crystal ball / 3.0×2.3×0.3(m)






 1つの光から流れ出る2 種類の光のシャワー。[2045] とは「このまま地球温暖化が進めば、南極と北極の氷がすべて溶ける」と2007 年春、ある学者が学会で警鐘を鳴らし、ニュースでも話題に取り上げられた年のことを指します。


A shower of lights comes out of two water faucets.

A shower from one of the faucets goes straight down on a flower below, and a shower from the other faucet scatters and can not reach the flower.


We all have to make our own choices in order to keep the sun shed light on flowers on the earth as it has been.


2045. "This is the year," one scholar warned in the spring of 2007, "when the ice on the South Pole and the North Pole will all melt."


It was reported on medias, too.A lens set outside gathers the sunlight, and fiberglass in the faucet leads the light to the edge.

Depending on the shape of the water drop at the edge of each faucet, the sunlight either goes straight down or scatters. 

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