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©Liku M. Takahashi


Moon Bathing ・ Sun Bathing 

2007 マケット / ガラス  50 × 50 × 25(cm)

2007 / model glass50×50×25(cm)







Two chairs at the beach whose erotic shapes remind us of the tongue that has been a trademark for the Rolling Stones.


Lying down on the chairs, what would you think?


Most people sit in the shade for sun bathing, avoiding the sunlight, and choose the other chair for moon bathing to fully receive the moonlight.


This work is meant to inspire the audience to think of environmental issues while they take the natural actions.Wish you as family, a couple, or alone, would think of the relationship among the ocean, the nature, and the human beings while having fun with the ocean wind, the sun, and the moon.

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