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©Liku M. Takahashi

Bloom Field-地球にお灸しよう-

2006 / マケット  /  ガラス   水晶   大理石 / 50×50(m)

2006 / model glass, crystal,marble / 50×50(cm)




 太陽光がこれらのレンズを通り、その焦点が地球のコアに向かう想定で構成しました。コンセプトは" 地球が元気になるようにお灸をしよう" です。





Give moxibustion to the earth.

Place a couple of the artwork in the picture above to places that are suggested by Feng Shui theory.

This is like giving moxibustion to the earth.

The glass bowl in the middle contains five magnifying lenses.

This artwork is based on humorous wish that the earth, worn out by human beings, may become a bit healthier if the sunlight goes through the lenses to the core of the earth.


The five houses surrounding the glass bowl are where dragons reside.

Five dragons from five Confucius elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) are protecting the bowl.

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