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©Liku M. Takahashi

Cherry Blossom  (country road series)

2009 / マリス技法(砂   アクリル絵の具   メディウム)) / M30×2 60×180(cm)

2009  / Maris ( sand, acrylic paint, zinc plate) / M30×2 60×180(cm)




NY に日本の香りを持ち込みたいという思いから描いたものです。

It is a series that represent Japanese national flower, cherry blossom.

Worked through a unique coloring combination of blue and pink.

The design conceptualized during spring in last year,

and I waited for the next season for cherry blossom to actualize it as a piece of art.

It has become a series due to my desire to bring little Japanese scent into New York.

Country road series

The acrylic works of mint and cherry blossom that were exhibited with

"After Welcome Rain"at the New York exhibition in July 2009.

Since NYC is an origin of the worldwide recession,this work is meant to carry a message;

"a yell for people who have come from their homelands and families to make their lives in this big city." Right after my return,I converted these works into Sunae,

and it was the moment when Sunae came to the world for the first time.