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​Liku Maria Takahashi

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Xllth Firenze Biennale

Making the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s death

18-27 October 2019 Firenze Italy


The 40 Maris National Flag Project


We will hold the Maris project in Firenze with the hope that many local residents will take part in this collaborative effort to create paintings of the world’s national flags. More than 15,000 people across the globe have participated in this project, and we hope that our event at the Firenze Biennale will take this total beyond 20,000. Be sure to join with us and wish for the happiness of the world with each grain of sand we add to the canvas.

Together, we can send out a powerful message of Love and Peace to world!

  The XIIth Firenze Biennale  bring together 400 artists from 75 countries. As a special exhibit, we  feature a 20-meter display of Maris paintings of the flags of 75 countries.

​Liku Maria Takahashi

B-3F 7-19-15 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 158-0083

phone:+81-9-2098-3694 (Maris Art Project )  (Liku M. Takahashi Official Web Site)


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